Clients hire us to sell their homes because we do three things – price it properly, market it effectively and negotiate it aggressively.


The reason buyers work with us is because we know how to make things happen.  It’s simple to say but hard to do.  Our approach?  Gather resources, hunt down options, seize opportunities! 


It’s time to refine your real estate experience.

We believe that buying and selling real estate can, and should be, better.  Our team is focused on making sure that what we do and how we work is refined with every deal.  When that happens, the result for our clients is that things get better.

Better agents.

Better experience.

Better results.

We’ve designed this site to showcase the results of this approach to real estate.  As you explore it, you’ll find out who we are, learn what’s happening in your market and get to see behind the curtain with our library of original articles about many different aspects of buying and selling real estate.

It’s our goal to come from contribution and share what we know.

If you like what you see and want to become one of our clients for life, who trust us as their partners in real estate, then we’d love to talk further.

Are you ready to experience the Refined approach to real estate?

How We Help You Buy, Sell, Invest or Rent

We work with clients to buy, sell, invest and rent properties in the GTA.

The approach we take to make that happen is based upon the idea that your Realtor must understand what’s important to you, to do the best job for you.

Whether buying or selling, investing or renting, the choices you make with real estate have a huge impact on your life moving forward.  Any real estate transactions begins with sharing information so that our agents know what’s important to you and you know how we get you what you want.

When you work with a Refined team agent, you can expect three things.

  • We answer your questions and share what we know – and what it means.

  • We move you forward, whether it is buying or selling, investing or renting.

  • When we can’t help you directly, we help connect you with the best who can, and we support them in helping you.

Regardless of the type of transaction you need help with, it all begins with sharing information back and forth.

Let’s dive into the different ways we can help with your real estate needs.

We don’t just understand the market.

We understand your market.

Hands down, the most common question we get asked is “How’s the real estate market doing?”  It’s a great question and we’re always happy to answer it.

We start with our understanding that hidden within that broad question is a number of other questions.

  • What is my home worth?
  • Has it gone up or down since I bought?
  • Can I afford to buy in an area I’ve been watching?
  • Is now the time to buy or sell?

Naturally, we’re able to give you an answer about how the real estate market is doing these days.  It’s our job to know the market and we’re good at our job.

A general answer to a broad question doesn’t really help get at the other questions lurking beneath.

Whether it is a geographic area, a price range or a housing type, there are fundamental differences within “the” market, that make a generalized statement about what’s going on in the market not overly helpful.

After all, you’re not buying or selling the market or the average property.  You’re buying or selling a single property, located in a certain neighbourhood, in a specific price range.

To understand your market, we take what’s happened in the past, what we’re seeing now in our daily work with clients and what predictive indicators tell us is coming next.

It’s looking at the forest and the trees, what’s been planted and what’s getting cut down – and giving you the insight you need to move forward.

With monthly deep dives into the seven areas within the Toronto Real Estate Board boundaries, the Refined team provides our clients with a comprehensive understanding of what’s happening geographically, within different housing types and various price points.

Once a quarter, we dust off our crystal ball and look at what’s coming next for each real estate market in the GTA.  This video forecast takes an analytical look at predictive indicators and puts it in plain language that tells you what’s coming next.

To learn what’s going on in your market, select an option to the right.



From the Beaches to North York, Etobicoke to Scarborough, and everything in between, we cover the six boroughs!

Click here to learn about the Toronto market!



Whether it is Brampton, Mississauga or Caledon, if you want to know about the Peel real estate market, we’re your source!

Click here to learn about the Peel market!



Just north of the city in Vaughan or Markham, or following the 404 up through Richmond Hill, Aurora and Newmarket, we know them all!

Click here to learn about the York market!



Whether it is Oakville, Burlington, Milton or Halton Hills, we know the area.

Click here to learn about the Halton market!



From Pickering across to Oshawa, Ajax as well as Whitby, we know what’s happening!

Click here to learn about the Durham market!



It’s Orangeville but it’s also Mono, Amaranth, Mulmer and Melancthon!

Click here to learn about the Dufferin market!



From Bradford all the way up to Barrie, New Tecumseth to Innisfil, we know the market.

Click here to learn about the Simcoe market!


We write articles on what we’re experiencing in our work with clients looking to buy, sell, invest and rent.

Always original, always honest.

With over 150 articles to date, we’ve organized them into categories and topics so you can quickly find articles that interest you.

Start reading and feel free to comment, share and ask questions. If you’ve got a particular topic that you think we should cover, let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

March 2023

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February 2023

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  • The rules around when, who and how often you can use companies like Airbnb to rent a property on a short-term basis have changed a fair bit over the last few years. Here’s the current state.

How exactly does Airbnb work in Toronto?


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