The attributes that appeal in a home have changed significantly this year and while some features have just increased in appeal, there are others that have become far less important.  Today we break down the five things that buyers want in a home now, in order of importance.  Let’s start with number five and work our way up to the number one thing that buyers want now.

#5 Safe Entry Zones

When you come home from a foray into the world these days, you need a space to take off your mask, put down your bag, slip off your shoes, wash or sanitize your hands and so forth.

Homes that have a zone where you can safely and easily make sure you’re not contaminating your home with the outside world are very appealing to buyers now.  We may see hand washing stations (a basin, with no running water per se) and ultra-violet or other decontamination tools become the norm.

#4 Better Storage

Yes, storage has always been important to buyers, but the pandemic has pushed this need to the forefront like never before.

Whether it is stocking up on food and cooking supplies or finding places to put the work and study supplies you suddenly need in the home, on-site storage solutions are one of the hottest products in town.

#3 Outdoor Space

If you’ve spent more time in the backyard of friends and family this year than ever before, you’re not alone.  Outdoor space offers both excellent ventilation, and in many cases, more space to physically distance than might be possible inside the home.

Homes with appealing outdoor space are commanding significant price premiums right now and if there is an outdoor living space (deck, gazebo, firepits and so forth) on the property, we see buyers willing to pay more.

#2 Convenient Layout

With the desire for more outdoor space to safely visit with family friends comes the reality that visits are pretty short if there isn’t a way for them to use a washroom if need be.  Homes that have no washrooms near the outdoor space, or even on the ground floor, are less practical for having visitors.

If your visitor can open a door and have easy access to a washroom inside the home, it is much more appealing than having them walk inside, up or down stairs to use the closest washroom.  If you have only a single washroom in your home, this is even more of a challenge these days.

#1 Privacy

With your home now not only your refuge from a dangerous world, but also your workplace and your kids’ classroom, the need for privacy is huge.  With multiple members of the family working or learning from home, open concept homes have dropped considerably in appeal.

Once unpopular, small, private spaces in the home are making a big comeback.  The ability to close a door and not have your family inadvertently interrupt a zoom call or do something embarrassing while you’re on speaker with your boss is now a must-have for many buyers.

If you’re interested in talking about the ways in which your home could be made more appealing to buyers (or just yourself!), then feel free to get in touch.  We’d love to chat about your situation and the way forward.