I know that 20,000 people seems excessive when it comes to a family reunion.

Truth be told, I’m not related by blood to those 20,000. My own family is shy by about 19,970 of that number.

The family reunion I’m talking about is the Keller Williams Family Reunion, which is the name of our annual conference where we get together, hear about how the company is doing, our plans for the upcoming year and learn from the best of our company.

I’ve spent this week down in Las Vegas and it has been an absolutely amazing experience.

I am really excited to take some of the lessons I’ve learned and apply to my work with my clients on the buying and selling side.

It is tough to sum up the week in one email, but I did want to share a few highlights.

The above panorama shot captures a little bit of the feel in the main presentation area. (Click on it to see a big version.) It was surreal to be in a room with tens of thousands of people who are dedicated to learning and earning with Keller Williams.

As you may have heard me say, Keller Williams is the largest real estate company in the world by agent count. Canada is the 2nd largest region for the company after the U.S. and they showed us lots of love at the conference. Our real estate market is a marvel to them!

I was very proud to receive a Double Gold medal for my work in 2016.  I was inspired by other agents in the room who had tremendous success and I’m aiming to help even more clients this year!

All in all, it was a fantastic week and well worth the time I took to come down here.

I’ll end this post by asking if you know a Realtor apart from me who you would like to see succeed.  There is no other real estate company in the world that approaches real estate like Keller Williams and I would love to help connect someone you know and like to the experience and success I’ve found with the company.

If you do know of someone who you’d like to see succeed in real estate, please let me know their details. I’d love to be responsible for what comes next.





We seek a ceiling vault shape which will support a live load on the floor above, form the ceiling of the room below and generate as little bending and tension as possible so that comprehensive materials can be relied upon.

This lesson may be a little more technical than other ones I’ve focused on but I like how it makes me think about the design of rooms and the benefit of having a real feature in a home.  If you have ever entered into a home with a vaulted ceiling, a great room, a coffered ceiling or other feature that elevates the ceiling into something of beauty, you understand the appeal.

I think the sellers who do very well on their properties have built or maintained an unusual feature like this in the home – and benefited from buyers who just love the home and willing to pay a great price for it.