Ivy Robson


Hi, I’m Ivy!

In my years of working in real estate administration, I’ve undertaken roles ranging from agent services to deals paperwork, all of which lead me to the Refined team and my role supporting agents to help them get business, service that business and improve how they do it!  My experience includes managing listings, coordinating transactions, and providing focused customer service within the always time sensitive real estate industry!  This work has definitely honed my organizational skills and attention to detail, qualities essential in navigating the complexities of property transactions.  I take great pride in working alongside a strong and compassionate team, where collaboration and support are central to our success.

On a personal note, I was born and raised in the east end of Toronto, and I’ve lived in the Upper Beaches as well as the lively neighborhoods of the Beaches, Leslieville, and Riverside. Growing up in this beautiful environment has instilled in me a deep appreciation for community and urban living.

When I am not responding to the requests for help from our agents, I am passionate about music in all its forms. Whether discovering new artists at local venues or singing myself at karaoke nights, music is a constant source of inspiration and relaxation for me.

Below are some of my focus areas and specialties.

  • Keeping Our Team Cloud Files (Somewhat) Organized

  • Wrangling Our Agents’ Paperwork

  • Updating Market Statistics

  • Drinking All The Coffee

If you’d like to chat further, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  You can email me below to get started!

Talk soon.