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The rules around pets in rental housing in Ontario are pretty confusing. Let’s clear the air and help you understand what’s possible, what isn’t, and ways to move forward with a win-win!

Gone to the Dogs

In 2002, the Euro currency was introduced, as well as the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act legislation that spelled out the rules for real estate transactions in Ontario. It’s being updated and here’s what is changing.

You remember 2002, right?

Sellers often end up with blind spots when it comes to their home and it can cause huge problems. Here’s the three biggest blind spots we see with sellers.

Bit of a blind spot there.

Yes, we think now is a good time to buy a condo. Here’s three reasons why as well as the three rules to follow in order to make sure you pick the right condo unit.

You think I should buy what?

Just like the song title, lots of real estate deals are conditional. If you’ve got financing and you know it, sign the deal doesn’t have the same ring, but here’s why conditional deals sometimes fall apart.

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands.

If you think being a lion tamer is challenging, try whipping your finances into shape to beat down your mortgage! Here’s three approaches to getting it done.

Down, Mortgage, Down!

Just like farmer’s markets, real estate markets vary tremendously. Here’s how different “the” market is depending on the location, price point and type of real estate.

There’s no such thing as “the” market.

Some headlines make you shake your head and some make you think one thing when the truth is quite different. Let’s debunk some recent headlines about real estate investors losing money.

Is it a bad time to own income properties?

Not all properties are presented with their best foot forward. We’ve identified the three levels of presenting real estate that listing agents can achieve. Which level do you think most agents hit?

No, not that foot, the other one.

The more important a decision is, the more we wish we could see what the different outcomes would look like for each choice. Here’s a glimpse into two different options for an income property purchase and the outcomes.

Behold, the real estate multiverse!

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