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In a hot rental market like we’re experiencing in Toronto, understanding how landlords assess a prospective tenant is very important. Here’s a glimpse inside the mind of a landlord.

Behold..the mind of a landlord!

The age of your house has a huge impact on what components of the home may experience defects and issues. Here’s what is most likely to be causing you problems based on the age of your home.

It’s all falling apart.

A mandatory cooling off period on real estate purchases sounds like it might be helpful, but the way it’s being implemented in BC almost guarantees it will make things worse for buyers and sellers.

You there, cool off.

In typical markets, about 16% of listings are actually relisted properties that failed to sell the first time around. Our current market isn’t typical and that number is significantly higher depending on where you are located.

It’s for sale! Again!

There are a series of unwritten rules in real estate and a couple of the most important are how your listing strategy communicates your sale price expectations. Here’s our behind the scenes explanation of how it works – and how it doesn’t if agents don’t follow the rules.

Rules are for chumps.

Some properties are listed at a price that is really just reflective of what the seller wants to get, not what it’s worth. It can feel like you’re negotiating with a toddler and is often unsuccessful. Here’s our approach to developing a pricing strategy that actually gets the home sold.

It’s that price because I want that much money. Duh.

Despite what headlines might say, the story about the real estate market and what’s coming next is pretty nuanced. Here’s our take on what stat is most useful for predicting what comes next.

Breaking news!

As of March 30, 2022, the Government of Ontario has increased the Non-Resident Speculation Tax on real estate from 15% to 20%, and it now applies across the entire province. Here’s what that change means.

Only residents may speculate here.

When interest rates rise, the real estate market is impacted. It might not be panicking in the streets, but it definitely impacts the number of sales, the average price and what’s coming next.

What happens when interest rates go up?

Not all homes that look good on paper are actually homes in which you’d want to live. Here’s what happens when a builder or renovator ticks off boxes rather than makes it a home.

It’s not a home, it’s a checklist.

There aren’t a lot of real estate based pranks on April Fools’ Day, but there have been some unbelievable real estate scams and shenanigans over the years

April Fools’ Day for real estate?

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