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While the saying may be most associated with the Boy Scouts, if you’re selling a home, being properly prepared is key. Here’s the three stages we recommend to prepare a home for sale.

Prepare yourself!

The idiom “a level playing field” is supposed to mean a situation that is fair to everyone, but different rules apply to different people when it comes to buying real estate in Ontario. What does it actually cost to buy in Ontario?

What does it actually cost to buy in Ontario?

When it comes to real estate, falling victim to the sunk cost fallacy can be a very expensive mistake. Here’s how to decide if a significant renovation is worth doing.

That is what we call a sunk cost.

Keller Williams has a 10 point Belief System and the first point is Win-Win or No Deal. Here’s why we think following it means more deals get done, with better results.

Win-Win or No Deal

When is a semi-detached house worth $25M? Scratch that. Why would an agent think a semi-detached house could be worth $25M? Let’s take a look at one listing to figure out why.

That’s $1.3M per foot of frontage.

As Realtors, we’ve got access to all sorts of information that lets us peek behind the scenes for a given property. It’s kinda like having x-ray glasses that let us see past the surface.

Now featuring x-ray glasses!

In a hot rental market like we’re experiencing in Toronto, understanding how landlords assess a prospective tenant is very important. Here’s a glimpse inside the mind of a landlord.

Behold..the mind of a landlord!

The age of your house has a huge impact on what components of the home may experience defects and issues. Here’s what is most likely to be causing you problems based on the age of your home.

It’s all falling apart.

A mandatory cooling off period on real estate purchases sounds like it might be helpful, but the way it’s being implemented in BC almost guarantees it will make things worse for buyers and sellers.

You there, cool off.

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