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In real estate, the term exclusive doesn’t just refer to a home with a fence so big you can't even get in the front door. It means a home for sale that isn’t on the MLS system. Here’s why it can make sense to list exclusively.

It seems pretty exclusive.

Yes, location is important in real estate but it’s just one of three fundamental variables. Balancing all three can be challenging, but here is how you can use which one matters most to you to get the best result.

It’s a balancing act.

Most media stories focus on the lack of supply driving up real estate prices, but the truth is that our supply is higher than ever, but demand has risen even more. Here’s the full story.

Wait, so it’s supply AND demand? Huh.

When you look back at real estate prices over the past twenty years, they can appear remarkably cheap! It’s worth remembering that the current market and its prices will eventually also recede into the past. Here’s what real estate used to cost in the GTA.

It just takes time.

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