As of March 30, 2022, the Government of Ontario has increased the Non-Resident Speculation Tax on real estate from 15% to 20%, and it now applies across the entire province. Here’s what that change means.

Only residents may speculate here.

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When interest rates rise, the real estate market is impacted. It might not be panicking in the streets, but it definitely impacts the number of sales, the average price and what’s coming next.

What happens when interest rates go up?

2022-04-22T14:12:03-04:00April 22nd, 2022|

There are a couple of situations where sellers need to know the value of a property at a certain point in time. When your time machine is on the fritz, here’s how we determine the historical value of a property.

It’s easy if you have a time machine.

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Buying a property involves a lot of different steps, people and costs. The price of the property is one thing, but what else does it cost to buy a home these days?

Wait, I need how much more money?

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As we near the end of the decade, it’s interesting to look back and see what things looked like at the start of the decade. Here’s a comparison of 2010 versus how things look now as we head into the latter half of 2019.

Time flies when you’re having fun!

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I’m not ashamed to admit I like commercials. Commercial properties that is. If you thought I was talking about those things that used to run between programs, then no, I don’t like commercials. You remember commercials right?  Way back when people watched one episode of a show at a time.  […]

I like commercials.

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