First off, happy belated Canada Day!

As the holiday fell on a Friday this year, I thought I wouldn’t do a post on Friday as normal.  I know you probably sat by your computer all afternoon, into the early evening, waiting and wondering when Jeff will do his next post.

I may be overstating your interest in my website.

On the off chance you weren’t sitting around waiting for me to post an article, I hope you had a great Canada Day and that you managed to stay dry and enjoy some fireworks!

Given it’s Monday morning, I’ll keep this post to the point.

When you sell your home, the number of days on market is one of the clearest indicators of the appeal of the house.  In a hot seller’s market like this, we rarely see homes stay longer than a few weeks and I’ve had buyer clients ask me what is wrong with a house that has been on the market more than 10 days.  (In most cases, the answer is it’s overpriced.)

With the days on market a key indicator for buyers and their agents, it boggles my mind that some agents decide to list a home on a holiday.

There were 120 homes listed for sale on Canada Day.  Ranging from a $185,900 apartment to a $5.6 million dollar mansion, 120 agents made the decision to list on Canada Day.

Why on earth would you list a home for sale on a holiday, when every brokerage is closed and unable to book appointments directly?

What makes you decide to list a home for sale on a day when both buyers and their agents are not likely to be out house hunting?

I learned very early on that listing a home for sale on a holiday (or on a holiday long weekend) is really just going to fast forward the process of your listing looking stale and therefore overpriced.

Unfortunately, these 120 sellers were poorly served by their agents and it will result in lower sale prices.

If you or someone you like are considering selling a home and would like to work with a Realtor who understands the importance of timing, please give me a call or email.  I’d love to be responsible for what comes next.





Rooms without a view are prisons for the people who have to stay in them.

It is surprising how often home builders fail to take into account the view from inside a room.  Natural light regardless of the view seems to be the mantra but I believe that a blocked or bad view out a window outweighs the benefit of natural light.

For home owners looking to increase the appeal of their home, spend some time working on improving what can be seen from your windows.  Buyers will respond to it and your home will sell quicker and for more money.