Refined Real Estate Investment Program

We regularly work with clients who are interested in buying and selling investment properties.

Whether it is short, mid, or long-term holds, there is an old adage that says you make money in real estate when you buy, not when you sell.  This is particularly true for investment properties.

Buying at the right price, in the right location, at the right time – this is how you realize an exceptional return when you sell.

If you’re interested in our tailor made investor programs designed specifically for each client’s situation, please get in touch with us.

We’re always looking for ways to help our clients see more value from their investment properties and a critical piece of that is how to best finance those opportunities.

One of the talented mortgage brokers that we work with, Dion Beg, of Butler Mortgage, is focused on exactly that topic and is doing a seminar via Zoom on June 2, 2020 at 6:30 pm.  Here’s a quick video about what he’ll be talking about in that seminar.

In case you had any issue seeing the video, Dion will be sharing some very interesting tips on how to maximize the financing side for investments and he’s going to go over the answers to three questions of interest, namely:

  • How are some people paying off their mortgages faster?
  • How are some people paying for their child’s education?
  • How are some people creating extra wealth for retirement?

There’s no replay available of it later, so if you’ve got the time to attend on Tuesday, June 2nd at 6:30 PM, click on Dion’s smiling face below to register!

If you can’t make it but want an introduction to Dion to arrange a time to discuss your specific situation, we’re happy to help.