In Toronto, finding a home that is in good proximity to a TTC subway stop and a good school is pretty much the holy grail.  Or the golden ticket if you are more of a Roald Dahl fan!

Such properties combine two of the most sought after features in Toronto real estate.  Whether you use transit or not and whether you have school age kids or not, being located close to these two features makes a home very appealing.   As a result, properties in such districts keep their value in down markets and do even better than the competition in a seller’s market.

Below is a map I created, using data from the Fraser Institute report on schools and TTC route information.  It shows where the absolute best schools (green balloons are rated from 9 to 10, and yellow balloons are rated from 8.4 to 9) are in relation to TTC subway stops.

I work with lots of buyers wanting this mix of great schools and good transit proximity so I spend the time to make sure I know where such properties show up.

Please get in touch if you want me to use this knowledge to help you or a colleague in a search for a home!

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