Cheer for a Year baner

Every year, Keller Williams brokerages around the world take one day to fund raise towards local causes in their communities.  Called RED DAY, this year it takes place on May 14, 2015.

My brokerage, Keller Williams Advantage, is putting our efforts toward fund raising for Lord Dufferin Public School, an inner-city school serving families in the Regent Park community.  On the day itself we’ll be providing a morning snack, cleaning up and landscaping outside areas, holding a fun fair and other outdoor activities as well as serving up a BBQ lunch.

As part of our fundraising efforts, we’re selling tickets to a contest called Cheer for a Year.  The winner receives 52 bottles of various wines, spirits and beer.  Finally, charity and booze combined in a year long extravaganza!

If the thought of supporting our fundraising – or the thought of a new bottle of booze every week for a year –piques your interest, then do I have a deal for you.

Share this post on Facebook or write in a comment on the post, saying you want to support the cause, and I will fill out a ticket for the draw with your name on it.  They are $5 each, but I’m willing to do a trade with you instead of asking for money.

Here’s the deal.  I’ll buy you a ticket for the draw and in return, you buy me a cup of coffee.  I get the pleasure of your company for a brief visit and you support a great cause and get a chance to win a prize.

If that sounds like your sort of bargain, then share the post or add a comment and I’ll write up your name on a ticket for the draw!

The spring season for real estate is in full motion right now, so if you or someone you know are looking to buy, sell or invest in real estate, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  I’d love to be responsible for what comes next.